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Tablet Stands

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Great, you have just purchased a sleek tablet and have downloaded ZAP IN!

What's next?

You could just leave the tablet on your reception desk, could spruce it up with a tablet stand! There is an abundance of different stands now available to purchase. The stands come in all shapes and sizes, so that no matter where you want to place the tablet, there is a stand perfect for your location.

Occassionally, we have been asked what stand(s) we recommend. Monitors in Motion has a large selection to choose from and we love them! We also love Armodilo and their chic, colourful stands! But, more budget sensitive buyers can visit any electronic retailer, such as, Maclocks, Griffin Technologies, Amazon, eBay, and from many other retailers in your local area. Below are links to various sites where you can view and purchase a tablet stand that is perfect for your location.

Happy shopping!

Amazon Best Sellers - Tablet Stands:


Griffin Technologies:


Monitors in Motion:




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