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Receptionists: The Directors of First Impressions.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

ZAP IN (visitor registry software application) in action at Communitech.

Picture this, you’re late for a meeting. You walk into the most beautiful reception area, with chic artwork floating on the walls and gorgeous furniture perfectly placed on a persian rug thats hugging the floor. The receptionist is actively engaged in a phone call with someone, points you to a sign in binder, then asks you to wait. A minute passes by, then two, then ten. And as time keeps going by, you can’t help but think about your chances of closing that huge account upstairs quickly depleting. The receptionist can’t help but to look over, distracted by your multiple sighs and grunts over your disappointment, but unable to assist you.

Whether at a medical office, a school office, or a front desk of a large corporation, receptionists are one of the busiest and overworked employees in the building. The multiple hats they wear and interchange throughout the day is not only exceptional, but rather stressful and inconveniently busy. Also, they are the directors of first impressions and the backbone of your workplace. Yesterday's celebration, Receptionist’s Day, has commended all of our hardworking receptionists worldwide. However, why don’t we reward them too, with less weight on their shoulders, and fewer hats to wear?

I too have been a victim of the multiple roles of a receptionist; sitting in a waiting room, after signing into on a piece of paper on a clipboard, waiting. It was not long before I realized that I was forgotten about, and the receptionist did not even get a chance to get up and peak at the clipboard to see who signed in in the past half an hour due to the phone ringing nonstop. I couldn’t help but to think that there must be a better way.

Workplaces around the world have begun to revolutionize by adding ZAP IN (visitor reception software application) to their reception area. Not only can guests be greeted in style, with personalized welcome screens and sign in pages on a sleek tablet, but they no longer need to wait for assistance. Receptionists do not need to attend to every guest who walks through the door anymore, and can efficiently work on the other tasks and roles they are assigned to. The McDonalds’ head office in Norway loves the look of the ZAP IN app on their front desk. They have paired it with a WIFI printer that allows visitors not only to sign in themselves but also to print visitor badges automatically. Once a guest has signed in, an SMS text is sent to the employee they are there to see. All within minutes; all without the assistance of the busy receptionist in midst of an important phone call or task.

Our team would like to wish every Receptionist worldwide a Happy Receptionist’s Day. ZAP IN is here to be your best friend and help your work days be much more efficient. Find out how you can begin your Free Trial with ZAP IN today!

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