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ZAP IN v2.0: Revolutionizing Patient Medical Triage Forms

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

“Please fill out these forms, then the doctor will see you,” the receptionist tells you as she hands you over a clipboard and a pen, even though you may have filled out these same forms the last time you were in for your check-up. You fill them in as quickly and accurately as you can, questioning the legibility of your writing as you hand back the clipboard and take a seat.

Let us follow the journey of those patient forms you filled out. After completion, the medical receptionist checks to see if any fields are missing. The forms are then scanned, and inserted into the your medical charts that are on the computer. Those hardcopies of the forms then end up in a pile for shredding.

After working in a medical office, I still can remember the horrors of patient triage forms, piling up in the filing cabinet. Or worse. losing the forms before even scanning them.

Fortunately, ZAP IN v2.0’s survey feature can replicate an entire patient triage form, which can be completed, submitted and onto your computer within minutes. ZAP IN’s revisitor feature allows for visitor information to be stored on the app, so your patients do not need to re-enter their information every time they come in, but can still edit saved information if need be.

Not only does ZAP IN save you time, and paper, it allows your receptionist to be focused on more important things, like emergency patients that may walk in and need to be attended to as soon as possible.

With ZAP IN’s arrival notification features, doctors can be easily notified, via email or text message, when their patient has arrived. CRCS Psychology in Toronto, Ontario uses ZAP IN for all their clients to sign in upon arrival for their appointments. This not only notifies the practitioner that they are in the waiting room but also allows for proper billing to occur.

Reports can be viewed at any point. The receptionists at CRCS run visitor reports nightly and create a file for billing. They specifically appreciate that all visitor arrivals are kept private for each client’s confidentiality. CRCS has three buildings and they like that they can pull reports from all or any building, plus having real time data at their centralized administration desk.

Find out how your medical office can benefit from ZAP IN’s variety of useful, and revolutionary features. Start your Free Trial today!

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