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School Set Up

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

As each company or institution has its own specific needs for a visitor registry system, a uniquely customized ZAP IN set up is likely required as well. As we work on releasing the next update (which will include visitor type selection), the ZAP IN system can now be customized in several different ways to shape to your own specific needs.

A common system used for schools would need to somehow separate the different types of individuals that sign in on a daily basis. This being teachers, students and parents or visitors. The following set up has worked successfully for a variety of schools across our system and may work for you as well.

Instructions on set up below:

  1. Rename the sign in button “Student Check Out / Visitor Sign In” and click SAVE.

  2. Rename the sign out button “Student Check Back In / Visitor Sign Out” and click SAVE.

This will create 4 possible options for logging data. The time a student leaves the school and arrives back and the time a visitor or parent enters the premises and when they leave.

**OPTIONAL** Enable pre-authorized sign in and rename the button “Teacher Sign In”. Click SAVE.

The next thing needed is to create differentiated custom fields that will gather the required information from each type of visitor or student. To do this:

  1. Master account holders will go into the ALL building and select custom field labels. Add and rename as necessary. Click SAVE.

  2. Go into the required building, select custom fields and set to optional. Click SAVE.

Examples of custom fields schools are using now:

  • Are you a Student? Reason for exit:

  • Are you a Parent? Name of Student:

  • Are you a Parent? Reason for Student leaving:

  • Are you a visitor? Reason for visit:

  • Are you a visitor? Here-to-see: (This can also be enabled through the HERE-TO-SEE which will generate email arrival notifications)

Using these settings will help ensure your school’s ZAP IN system is running properly and collecting the types of data/information that you need.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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