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Send a follow up email to your visitors.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The follow up email feature within ZAP IN 2 can be used to amplify the visitor experience, both during the visit and afterwards. This tool allows you to create custom messages to be sent after sign in and sign out. It can be a warm, friendly or welcoming message (as defaulted in the main dashboard), or a reach for feedback after a lengthy stay. Both options give you the ability to accomplish a specific company goal.

To use the follow-up email feature:

1) Head into your web based DASHBOARD

2) Click Workbench.

3) Scroll down to "follow up email"

4) Enable for sign in.

5) Set the delay time.

6) Create the custom email.

7. Click SAVE.

8) *optional* repeat for sign out.

Here's an example of a follow-up email sent to visitors after sign in, sent by one of our clients:


Hi *****,

We are happy to welcome you to ******. Your contact has been notified of your arrival and will be with you shortly.

The wifi password for ****** is ********* and will allow you to access the internet during your stay.

Have a great visit!


And here's one sent again later that evening:


We were delighted to see you today! At *******, we make every effort to promote an inspiring workplace for our team and all of our visitors. If you have any suggestions about how your visit could have been improved, please send feedback to me at *****@*******.ca We look forward to you visiting again in the future. Kindest Regards,



Wes @ ZAP IN

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