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Create a musical ambience for your visitors.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

A tone, mood, vibe or atmosphere can be generated for your reception area with the use of music. Depending on the characteristics of the office, this can be done with alternative, instrumental, pop or a host of other genres.

It's important to focus on all of the senses when creating an office atmosphere that suits your vision. Many businesses tend to focus too much on visuals and often neglect an equally important avenue, sounds.

Thankfully, ZAP IN 2 will work with running background applications. This means that you can play music and operate ZAP IN 2 at the same time. Below is just one of the ways you can accomplish this task:

1. Buy music, playlists or albums from the itunes store.

2. Head into the iPad's music folder.

3. Tap on Library.

4. Choose the selected playlist or album.

5. Press play.

6. Exit to the home screen.

7. Open ZAP IN 2.

So fool around with different sounds and genres of music to get the ambience you desire. I promise, your visitors will thank you for it.

Wes @ Zap In

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