Free background images customized with your company logo

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Our friends over at and have provided us with some sleek custom mock-ups to use for welcome screen logo templates. And best of all, they're completely free!

Just send over an attachment file of your company logo and we'll do the rest. The resulting images are perfect to use for your welcome screen slideshow.

Using our own ZAP IN logo, we made up some examples of what these mock-ups can offer:

1. Chalkboard mock-up. Great for schools and universities!

2. Engraved wood mock-up - Great for construction or supply companies!

3. Letter print mock-up - Great for offices!

4. Vintage logo mock-up - Great for coffee-houses and restaurants!

5. Weathered mock-up - Great for tech businesses or start-ups!

6. Stain on wood mock-up - Great for modern businesses!

If any of these interest you, just send an email over to with an attachment of your logo and the name/number of the image (or images) you'd like!