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Use the web based dashboard as a visitor ordering system by casting to a waiting room television

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Casting a Chrome browser tab to a waiting room television is a great way to show visitors how long it will be before they are served. Just pull up your web based DASHBOARD, sort the SIGN IN tab to the latest sign ins (arrow pointing upwards) and then cast to the television! Now, all guests will be able to see exactly where they are in the waiting queue.


What is it? - A way to cast your web dashboard to any wifi enabled TV screen.

Who can do it? - All users, both standard and full feature.

Where is it done? - Dentist office, doctor’s office, college waiting room, office reception, conventions, exhibitions etc.

Why would I cast the dashboard? - When you need to display the visitors on the premises or use an ordering system.

How to do it? - For setup, follow the steps located in the Google Chromecast help section HERE.

How long does it take? - 5-10 minutes.

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