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Ding! Success.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Did you know?

ZAP IN 2 comes equipped with a audible chime alert. This signal will help your visitors know that they have successfully signed in. For visitors using ZAP IN visitor registry for the first time, the audible chime is a confirmation of signing in - nothing further to do but sit back comfortably and wait for their host.

For receptionists, the audible sound builds a Pavlovian comfort response in knowing visitors are easily signing in. The app uses a pleasant "Tri-tone" sound.

To make sure your iPad's "SETTINGS" is properly set to allow the chime, please see the simple instructions below.

To ensure that this sound is enabled, you must turn on alert notifications from your iPad's general settings. To do so:

1. From the iPad home screen tap SETTINGS. 2. Scroll down to SOUNDS. 3. Ensure that the RINGER AND ALERTS volume is unmuted. 4. OPTIONAL - Turn on the iPad keyboard sounds by enabling KEYBOARD CLICKS. 5. OPTIONAL - Disable lock button mute by going into the GENERAL tab and disabling USE SIDE SWITCH TO MUTE.

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