Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Updated: Mar 20

    Mindfulness and self-declaration are incredibly important to mitigating the spread of viruses in an age of the modern global economy. In an effort to keep our client’s workplace safe, iVenuto ZAP IN has created an access policy based on the latest recommendations from the Center for Disease control (CDC and the US government’s task force ( We encourage alerting all visitor traffic to be more mindful and aware of best practices. Use the Visitor Agreement feature to present this alert and self-declaration. Or add it to your current access policy.

    Let’s keep our workplaces free from these viral threats!

    Clip and Paste the following workplace access policy in Visitor Agreement feature:

    In order to mitigate the spread of influenza and corona virus, please read the following carefully:

    Please do NOT enter, If within the last 48 hours you have experienced ANY of the following symptoms:

    - Fever – above 100.4 F

    - Coughing / Sneezing

    - Shortness of breath

    Please do NOT enter, If within the last 14 days you have travelled from corona virus zones:

    - China

    - South Korea

    - Italy

    - Iran

    For all other visitors while on-premises please:

    - Use the hand-sanitizer provided.

    - Wash your hands often – for at least 20 seconds

    - Cough or sneeze into tissue, elbow, shoulder – not into bare hands

    - Do not greet others with hand-shakes - fist bumps or elbow bumps are encouraged for the time being.

    - Refrain from touching your face

    I, hereby, certify to be free of influenza & corona virus symptoms and to have not travelled to corona virus zones within the last 14 days.

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