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Keeping Restaurants & Food Services Open During COVID-19

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

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As we cope with the emerging realities of COVID-19, we must strive to run our businesses in ways that align with new operational safety requirements.

As the economy slowly re-opens, some businesses find themselves dealing with more headaches than others. Namely, those in the restaurant and food service industries, as their industry was already hygienically-scrupulous. This concern has been further exacerbated by the pandemic.

At ZAP IN, we understand this must be difficult, and we want to help.

ZAP IN is a Visitor Management Platform that can track your entrants, screen the entrant's health, inform your entrants, and notify you of their arrival! Not to mention, it gives you a level of modern brand-ability that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. On top of this, with the safety measures it provides, it gives your client's peace of mind that they're entering an environment that is following proper procedure.

ZAP IN tracks the location of your entrants, the time of entry and exit, who they were here to see, their personal information, everything! All searchable in seconds from the dashboard.

Most importantly, it is a comprehensive Contact Tracing & Workplace Safety Screening solution for shared spaces of any size or traffic-density.

We know these uncertain times have caused unprecedented financial pressures. In order to show our appreciation to the food service industry, We are offering ZAP IN free of charge* to restaurants for 3 months. Together we’ll move forward and try to get back to the “new normal” – whenever or whatever that may be.

Please contact for more details or eligibility - we would love to help!

*Applies to new user accounts (created after October 1, 2020) with a verifiable website for a dining, food-service or hospitality establishment.

The utility of the Diner's Log is furthered even more by The Government of Ontario's Contact Tracing Regulations that they have put in place. Businesses may display the following:

(A link to this PDF for your usage is included below the photo)

COVID restaurant poster
Download PDF • 108KB
Download PDF • 80KB

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