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Lock down your iPad with 'Apple Guided Access'

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Lock Down Your iPad Guided Access ZAP IN

Apple provides the ‘Guided Access’ mode in the accessibility settings of the iPad. This feature can lock an iPad down so only your selected application can run.

This allows for a smoother operating experience, keeps everything secure and prevents visitors from accessing the home screen. To enable:


  • Go to your iPad's settings.

  • Click on the General tab.

  • Click on Accessibility.

  • Enable ‘Guided Access’ under the Learning title.

Start a Guided Access session:

  • Open the ZAP IN 2 app.

  • Triple-click the Home button.

  • Adjust settings for the session, then click Start/Resume.

End a Guided Access session:

  • Triple-click the Home button.

  • Enter the Guided Access pass code.

Another added benefit from using 'Apple Guided Access' is that you do not have to purchase an iPad stand that covers the Home button. The feature will lock the button as if it were out-of-sight.

Stay tuned to this blog for even more tips and tricks designed to improve your ZAP IN experience!



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