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Sandy's Gym

Springfield, Ohio, USA. Sandy’s Gym uses ZAP IN's sign in app at their front reception area. Clients are able to sign in and out from a pre-authorized list of paid members. Sandy is very excited about the reporting capabilities and has been tracking typical member attendance to assist in booking enough staff for each shift. She also appreciates the fact that ZAP IN's gym member check in system frees up her front end staff as they used to assist each member to manually check in. Say goodbye to the access log and hello to your automated reception system. She also enjoys creating new slideshows every month that assist in her branding and marketing initiatives. 

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VTE Gym & Fitness

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. VTE is a small exclusive gym where executive clients are charged on a per-visit basis.  With full access to equipment, personal trainers as well as a juice bar VTE noted they really like the sleek look of Zap In's log book app and that it fits in very well within their upscale environment. VTE uses ZAP IN to track clients for billing purposes.

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Moksha Yoga Studio

Belleville, Washington, USA. Moksha Yoga’s Belleville location has recently deployed ZAP IN's gym sign in system at their brand new site. They are thrilled with the ability to have monthly members sign in under the MONTHLY button and also have pay-per-use members sign in separately all while knowing exactly how many people are on site. They have set up auto reporting for accounting purposes and are thrilled with the effectiveness of the reports and data generated daily. Could an ordinary access log or do that? They capture email addresses from members and are able to send out a monthly newsletter utilizing the .CSV data export into their e-marketing campaign program.  They also noted that they play music through the iPad which promotes a gentle experience for all those in the front reception area. 

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