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Freemantle Media

Hollywood, California, USA. Freemantle Media utilizes ZAP IN's sign in software right at each check in gate. Constantly dealing with sets that require revolving guests, the security on site is able to cross reference each pre-approved visitor (loaded onto the app daily) against their identification. They appreciate the security of having all the information of each guest not only on their iPad but also at the remote login locations of security offices inside each building. Freemantle utilizes the SMS text notification to text employees that specific guests have arrived and are on site. They enjoy the efficiency this brings to their busy locations. 

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MAL - Media Arts Lab, Div. of TBWA Worldwide.

Los Angeles, California, USA. MAL moves around a lot depending on the set location of each film they are working on. They were looking for a solution that would work no matter where they were located and would have scalability for each specific project. When they tested ZAP IN's security visitor management system, they knew they had found their solution. The ability to bring their iPad on site as well as populate the employees, actors and extras ahead of time where key factors in their decision. “We now use ZAP IN not only for security but also to tracking employees, actors and extras for payroll - we are thrilled!” 


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