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visitor management system for apartments

Visitor Management System For Apartments

Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, Controlled Entry, Lobbies, Foyers

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Visitor Management System, sign in app

98 Union Condominiums

Seattle, Washington, USA. 98 Union is a gorgeous condominium in the heart of Seattle. The Concierge Desk uses ZAP IN's sign in app to track vendors and contractors on site. They utilize the time tracking for billing their residents for remodels. They have used the custom fields to capture condo numbers as tradespeople / contractors sign in. Kelly from 98 Union really appreciates that he can run reports directly from the iPad or from his desk dashboard. 

visitor management system for apartments, condominiums

Favourite Features:

Parking Enforcement
Arrival Notifications
Signature & Photo Capture
Advanced Sign Out Options
sign in visitor management, automated reception
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