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hospital visitor management system, visitor kiosk

Hospital Visitor Management System

Medical Offices, Clinics, Hospitals,

Laboratories, Professional Practices

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visitor management system for hospitals, secure sheet login

Student Athletics Services

Austin, Texas, USA. A student Athletic injury clinic uses ZAP IN to check in all visitors. Clinicians then review each visitor’s sign in record before calling the patient.  They find it helps speed up the process, and that they have a total visitor count to match against their billing – making sure no one is omitted.
Since field labels are customizable, each field you need answered by your visitor can be exactly what you want.  For example here is what the athletic injury clinic asked each visitor. They also made general notes for each visitor.
"Any new issues since last visit?",  

"First Visit? Yes/no", 

"Body Part",


"Date of last visit".

hospital visitor management system, health

Favourite Features:

Parking Enforcement
Return Visitor Recognition
Arrival Notifications
Emergency Evacuations
check in system for hospitals, receptionist software

CRCS, Psychology Practice

Toronto, Canada. CRCS uses ZAP IN's visitor management system for all clients to check in upon arrival for their appointments.  This not only notifies the practitioner that they are in the waiting room but also allows for proper billing to occur. Reception runs visitor reports nightly and creates a file for billing. They specifically appreciate that all visitor arrivals are kept private for each client’s confidentiality. CRCS has three buildings and really appreciate the fact that they can pull reports from all or any building and have real time data at their centralized administration desk. 

Visitor Management System For Hospitals

visitor management system for hospitals, health

Favourite Features:

Reports & Data Export
Follow-Up Emails
Multiple Locations, Multiple iPads
Photo Capture
DOT labs
sign in system, visitor management system
DOT Labs Ltd.

Woodstock, United Kingdom. Dot Labs utilizes ZAP IN's visitor management system to have pre-booked patients log in at their front reception. Patient confidentiality is paramount to DOT and they are so happy to have thrown out their old binder, and no longer having to speak to patients regarding sensitive matters at reception. Patients are able to fill out any pertinent information or changes since their last appointment when they sign in via ZAP IN's visitor kiosk which is then emailed directly to the practitioner on site. They also utilize reporting tools within ZAP IN for billing purposes.

check in system for hospitals, health

Favourite Features:

Reports & Data Export
Arrival Notifications
Privacy For You & Your Visitors
NDA's & Legal Agreements
visitor kiosk, hospital visitor management system
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