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Security Visitor Management System

Job Sites, Manufacturing Plants, Quarries, Mines

When safety, training and proper certification matters... ZAP IN Contractors includes an enhanced "Visitor Agreement" module allowing you to display an agreement to each visitor, track the agreement version, accept a signature, display diagrams and videos. Great for keeping track of contractors certification on a job site!

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Tree North Co.

Tree North
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North Alberta, Canada. Tree North is located in temporary camps around the province of Alberta. They love using ZAP IN's visitor management system at each location to capture deliveries/drivers/vehicles coming on site, employee sign in times and also having their employees sign off on a no-injury clause each day. Brian from Tree North Co. enjoys the fact that he can customize the app with custom fields that make sense to his business. He also is very happy that he can now read all the names of visitors and employees on site and can create and organize reports all from the comfort of his desk!

security visitor management system, construction

Favourite Features:

Employee Time Tracking
Parking Enforcement
Reports & Data Export
NDA's & Legal Agreements
Chem Plant
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Chemical Plant

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The H.R. director for a chemical plant wanted to replace their “rather ugly book system” used for employee sign in. Employee attendance is time stamped upon arrival and exit. In addition, due to chemical industry health and safety regulations, a system of evacuation lists is very important. ZAP IN's secure sheet login constantly keeps a running total of all employees on-premises, and produces an instant report with one tap of the screen. 

site sign in sheet, construction

Favourite Features:

Employee Time Tracking
Photo Capture
Reports & Data Export
Emergency Evacuations
visitor tracking software, security visitor management system
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