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Visitor Management System For Schools

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Wenatchee School District

Washington State. USA. This school board has implemented ZAP IN's sign in app for schools across all 17 schools in their district to sign in pre-screened volunteers at each school. They are utilizing the badge printer capabilities of ZAP IN to create on the spot badges for volunteers to wear. This has not only increased the security at each school but also allowed the school admin staff to be more efficient in their work environment. The board office is also able to view all volunteers on site at any or all of their locations in real time using the ZAP IN sign in software. 


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Narangba Valley State School

Queensland , Australia. Narangba Valley State School is using ZAP IN to capture a variety of data. They have set up their visitor sign in system to allow visitors, relieving teachers and contractors to easily advise who they are and why they are on site. They are also utilizing the In/Out White board for their staff, not only so the administrator can properly communicate with them but also for evacuation protocol. 


"I have a lot of fun playing with ZAP IN. I am very excited about it, and can't wait to get rid of the terrible folder and sign in sheet of paper!"

- Diane Winthrop, Business Services Manager

Narangba Valley State School.


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Gaston College

North Carolina, USA. Gaston College’s English Department handles all their attendance records via the ZAP IN check in app.  Each professor has an iPad in their classroom which allows for the school to have a real time view of students attending classes as well as the ability to print specific reports based on information they need.  They enjoy the Follow-up Emails feature as well to send out pertinent information to their students. 

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Barrie PreSchool Daycare

Barrie, ONTARIO, Canada.  Each weekday morning children are dropped off. Parents or guardians enter their names in the visitor kiosk to sign in, then select the name of their child from a preloaded list of enrolled students (by entering the first letter of student’s first name, a match will popup). ZAP IN registers the drop off time and tracks which children are on-premises at any given time.  Reports are generated weekly for attendance and billing. 

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