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A New World To Work In - Is Your Workplace Prepared For COVID-19?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

These are unprecedented times. COVID-19 has impacted everyone worldwide. Think of that – there is no one on this planet that hasn’t been affected by this invisible enemy. We all now must think and behave differently. Certainly, for the short-term. Possibly, for the long-term. What does this mean for our employees and valued guests?

The one thing that would be safe to agree on, is that staying productive is imperative. And as we ramp-up operations and slowly return to workplaces, we must take every precaution to protect ourselves, our colleagues, and of course, our families.

Our workplaces are slowly beginning to pulse with life again. Employees are returning and work life is slowly evolving as we all learn to integrate the new social regulations that are required to keep us safe. Interestingly, workplace deliveries are on the rise as we all try to minimize public contact and instead shop online.

ZAP IN’s offices are undoubtedly seeing a shift in the delivery method of personal items. Even visitors are slowly starting to accumulate again. Granted, in lower numbers than normal, however job seekers, salespersons, contractors and inspectors are all masked and still getting out into the working world.

As this happens – are you ready? Do you have the new “rules of the game” in place?

Here are some easily executable ideas to ensure every precaution is considered:

  • Display Workplace Bulletin / Poster – outlining best health practices. Find one here.

  • Rope off your reception – so visitors can’t wander in. ZAP IN uses cinema-style ropes (stanchions with retractable belts) and have found it effective

sign in app visitor management precautions
  • Have masks, gloves, and hand-sanitizer available to all staff and visitors

  • Accept only visitors that have an appointment with a staff member. Encourage staff to use “Lobby Chat", Zap In’s built-in video calling tool, whenever possible.

  • If staff deal directly with the public – do they have face shields?

  • Use a health and travel screening declaration document. Not just your visitors, but for your employees as well. This will ensure that everyone understands that certain activities have the potential of putting the whole organization at risk. Shown below.

Please be certain that everyone signs in and signs out (employees, visitors, contractors, support service staff) for contact tracing, it is important to know exact periods of time that they were on the premises, should an exposure occur.

ZAP IN plays an ever-increasing role in keeping everyone safe. Inherently, ZAP IN logs all contacts on-premises. In mere seconds, you can search and find individuals, when they were on premises and with whom. Why would that be important?

Well, isolation is key to controlling the spread of this mysterious virus. How can you isolate without knowing who was in your building? Or when the contact was made? That's where ZAP IN comes in to assist with the effortless retrieval of that info. Public Health principles call this “contact tracing” and it’s a key component to controlling the spread of any virus. If you'd like to learn more about contact tracing, please visit the CDC Page outlining all available resources on the topic.

If you are already using ZAP IN – consider using it for not only your visitors, but all other traffic to your facilities.

Think how quick and easy it is to pull up a date, time range and see all the people that were on-site. Again, a key tool in contact tracing. If you are ever called upon to assist Public Health, how would your workplace respond?

At ZAP IN we have the privilege of helping countless workplaces with their COVID-19 safety concerns. Count on us to help you stay safe and save lives. We’re only a call or email away. It’s our pleasure to guide you with best practices and modern tools needed to keep everyone safe.

If you have any more questions as to how you can use ZAP IN to make your workplace safer, feel free to reach out! Contact us by email at or contact us by phone at the following numbers based on your location:

🇨🇦 +1 365 804 5353

🇺🇸 +1 415 965 5353

🇦🇺 +61 89 025 3200



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